2020 Call for Papers

"5th IIAS Symposium on Human Happiness"(PDF)

"17th Symposium on Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity"(PDF)

"21st Symposium on Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems"(PDF)

"18th Special Focus Symposium on Advances in Art and Science"(PDF)

"13th International Symposium on Architecture of 21st Century: In Search of New Paradigms"(PDF)

"Special Focus - 40th International Symposium on Health, Health Care Systems, Healing and Intelligent Medicine" (PDF)

"Special Focus Symposium on Risk Analysis and Risk Management" (PDF)

"Special Focus Symposium on Advances in Innovative Management" (PDF)

"7th Symposium on Analysis and Decision-Making in Complex and Uncertain Systems"(PDF)

"Symposium on Causal and Anticipative Systems in Biology, Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity"(PDF)

"21st Symposium on Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems"(PDF)

"Symposium on Methodology of Cognitive Thinking in the Research in Logics, Mathematics and Physics, Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems and Processes" (PDF)

"Special Focus Symposium on Advances in Artificial Intelligence" (PDF)